real color

here’s some older stuff from the practice lab. you can find some loisel, frazetta, hewlett and some rockwell in here. it’s acrylics on paper. done for fun! (mehr …)


private practice

this small piece i did for private practice after i had seen the teaser trailer to ‚world of warcraft: mists of pandaria‚.
i like the warrior character and i like the mood & setting of the trailer. so i grabbed myself some pen’n brush’n paper. if i just would have had more time. a whole painting referring to the story would have been even more fun. it’s always the same: too little time. (mehr …)


hellboy: first post, first painting

my first hellboy comic i red was ‚wake the devil‘ from 1997. since that day i am a big big fan of mike mignola and his art. i am addicted to his fascinating work and unique style until the present day. and everything what is fascinating to me i’m almost in need to draw or paint. this painting of bellboy is a good example for that. i was tempted to rework some weak spots digitally but – no, i’m glad i didn’t.

this is my first post ever, and it’s my first hellboy painting. i just think that’s a good way to start. it’s watercolor over acrylic color sketch on paper, 25 cm x 35 cm (the image is based on a convention drawing by mr. mignola). (mehr …)