deep blue sea

a underwater phenomenon i’m not quite sure i really want to witness. it’s fascinating and very attracting, but something is telling me to be very careful. (mehr …)


dead skin mask

if the sound of a common chainsaw’s hitting the ear, no true lover of the horror genre could ever avoid the association with this primal lunatic we do face here. (mehr …)


angry kolibri

the most findings in the great fields of ornithology do not appear very interesting to me. but a discovery like this could change that lack of interest forever. (mehr …)


red riding hood

the first impulse for this one was me wanting to paint a girl with a raven as companion. finally it grew into a scene one may call ‚red riding hood in dystopia‘. a girl with her feathered friend in a hostile world quite similar to the one we get to know in cormac mccarthys ‚the road‘. (mehr …)


red ronin

it’s a full moon tonight, and she’s the one cold blade no other samurai nor any other swordsman can defy.

everybody who is a little familiar with the unique work of simon bisley might be reminded in this illustration of his that forced me to do a dark but still colorful image of that ronin-girl. (mehr …)