bunny madness

we all know the day’ll come when the sick rabbits return to rule the world. again! we just don’t know when. it could be a sunny day like this … (mehr …)


gotham saints

this one is a digitally reworked piece from the traditional painting section. much more credible compared to the original. especially the jokers body. finishing a conventionally painted illustration e.g. in photoshop is an interesting way in principal. if you don’t overdo with effects you can easily evolve an independent style. (mehr …)


deep blue sea

a underwater phenomenon i’m not quite sure i really want to witness. it’s fascinating and very attracting, but something is telling me to be very careful. (mehr …)


dead skin mask

if the sound of a common chainsaw’s hitting the ear, no true lover of the horror genre could ever avoid the association with this primal lunatic we do face here. (mehr …)