the glory days of life as a samurai have passed and the memories of a life with purpose are slowly fading … (mehr …)


gathering dusk

two wanderers entering the high planes at the end of day. One’s a little concerned what the night might bring, and the other – well, he’s always exploring things … (mehr …)


fluffy camouflage

that little creature. first sketch’s almost twelve jears old. designed as a side show character for a comic story never published. thought it was time to present this tiny puffball in his natural environment. feels like i need to do more of those. a sweet little collection perhaps. (mehr …)


STAR WARS Challenge PT3

the danji princess. she was part of ‚the job‘ phase of the STAR WARS challenge. it’s a reworked version of the final submission. didn’t feel satisfyed with that one. had to spent a few extra hours to get the armor & ornamentation right.

(mehr …)